What we do

Action Interventions do participatory and collaborative action research in your company by facilitating and inducing long-lasting, systemic change.

We commence our programs either with a pre-existing problem or opportunity that is proving stubborn or intractable; alternatively, we enter the organisation by commencing our programmes with a clean slate and conduct a diagnostic scan of issues deemed problematic or to structure effective strategies and actions to pursue opportunities effectively.

In either scenario, by using action research tools and methods, we systematically unearth problems and opportunities that either require to be transformed or maximised, achieved by taking a holistic Systems Thinking view of the organisation and its culture.

By conducting action research, we achieve the dual imperatives of intervening in the status quo of the culture of the company and creating actionable outcomes that drive sustainable operational change in the engine room of the company.

We use established, high quality academic literature to marshal and inspire action-based human activity modelling of ideal transformations, allowing us to not only collectively conceptualise and develop a desired future state that is a vast improvement from the current, but also to ensure that we structure, align and guide the business operations towards successful outcomes.