Action Interventions views departments and companies not as rigid silos or entities, but as interconnected Complex Adaptive Systems that should be capable of responding, adapting and evolving swiftly to changes in their internal and external environment as coordinated teams. In most cases companies are indeed Complex and they are Systems, but they lack the propensity to be adaptive, self-organising, or to operate interdependently. Such rigidity leads to organisational inertia, stagnation and lack of initiative taking that can be detrimental to the survival of the organisation. It is the aim of Action Interventions to challenge this status quo to ensure that organisations are provided with the Systems Thinking and Action Learning tools and methods to overcome organisational problems, such as inertia, and to ensure that the organisation is not caught up in self-fulfilling binds, by recognising the signs and making the changes to adapt and thrive in increasingly complex and uncertain environments.